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Starmon Ltd. was established in 1993. It is a czech based company with no foreign investment. It has its head office in Choceň with stores offices and workshops in Ceska Trebova and Pardubice. By its business activities Starmon covers the whole Czech republic. The company´s wealth of experience and professional approach has been achieved during many years of work in railway signalling and telecommunications. The company now employs a strong team of locksmiths, electricians, technicians, draftsmen, developers and managers. Our company can offer high quality products and ensure a professional service of railway signalling technology thanks to the highly experienced employees.

Starmon Ltd. has always concentrated on new railway telecommunication and signalling technologies since its foundation. At first we used to install relay interlocking systems. A hybrid (relay & solid state) interlocking MOZAS was developed and certified in the mid nineties. MOZAS can be used as a temporary interlocking during infrastructure reconstruction. In 1996 we launched the first solid state interlocking to the Czech Railways - SZZK-96. From this first interlocking we evolved SZZK-98, K-2000 and K-2002. The latest interlocking in this series is K-2002, which is designed for small and middle-sized railway stations, approximately up to 50 points.

We also offer many other systems and equipment in the field of railway system diagnostics and information systems for passengers. Our main aim is the highest quality of supplied products and customers' satisfaction.

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