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Zařízení DISTA DISTA is an interlocking system diagnostics. DISTA measures AC and DC power supply voltage, insulating states, AC track circuits voltages, evaluates track circuits coding and relay contact states (open / closed). From this point of view it is a device, which fulfills functions of measuring and state diagnostics. Graphical and textual information from DISTA are useful for maintenance workers for troubleshooting. Maintenance keep at dispositon actual and historical pieces of information about failures, even about intermittent failures.

DISTA enables to maintenance staff to quickly look up and effectively clear failures. DISTA, more over, automatically makes a measurement. It contributes to better maintainability and availability parameters of interlocking systems.

Device conception

Zařízení DISTA The device is designed as an independent measuring system. A device core is a measuring apparatus, which measures required values and pass them on a superior system. This superior system is a commercial PC computer, which communicates with measuring apparatus either via RS-485 or via Ethernet network (superior systems can be for example a maintenance computer of K-2002, LDS system, etc.). Its task is data acquisition and their storage. The superior system can further evaluate data, display them or pass them on other systems. From superior system is also managed a measurement of insulating states.

The Measuring apparatus is an independent unit, which can be installed in an interlocking room, eventually in other spaces being in compliance with technical conditions. Apparatus consists of a power supply Z55, a central processor unit CPU and measuring boards. All of this printed circuit boards are put in a Shroff subrack. There are available two types of subracks – 63HT in case of lower number of boards (11 on the whole, Z55 and CPU including) and 144HT in case of higher number of boards (20 on the whole).

Measuring apparatus DISTA is designed as a compact device. There is ensured a galvanic separation (an electric insulation) between a measuring apparatus and an interlocking system being measured. Therefore an interlocking system cannot be influenced by an eventual DISTA failure. All protective and safety elements ensuring an electrical separation 4kV are allocated on a particular measuring board. This solution predetermines an easy connection of DISTA to a diagnosed device without any further additional modules or interfaces.

The measuring apparatus is designed modularly to fulfill different configuration demands. Central processor unit communicates with measuring boards via I2C protocol.

List of boards:
  • CPU - central processor unit
  • ACDC - AC/DC voltage measuring board
  • KKO - track circuit coding evaluating board
  • KON - contact state evaluation board
  • MIS - insulating state measuring board – nonswitchable (measuring voltage 250V DC)
  • MISP - insulating state measuring board – switchable (measuring voltage 250V and 100V DC)
  • RIS - extending board for insulating states measuring (expands number of inputs)
  • Z55 - power supply board 5,5A

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