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Voice and visual information system has been developed to ensure all relevant information for passengers in train, bus, aerial and other types of public transport. Both sections of the system, voice and visual, could be applied together or separately according to customer’s requirements. System is able to design either as an independent, in each unique station (airport), or as a remote system, controlling larger segment of stations from dispatching central.

The system is composed from different types of peripheral displaying devices. The HAVIS system could control variety of large format boards with active or passive elements, monitors, displays or digital projectors, which are nowadays available on the market.

LED (light emitting diode) – large format boards applicable for both external and internal environment, allows coloured distinguishing in the text, high graphical quality, moving messages.
A display sample

EBI-LED – electromagnetic bi-stable elements with built-in LEDs, large format boards suitable for exteriors and spaces with difficult light conditions.
A display sample

LCD (liquid crystal display) – trans-reflective LCD modules for large format boards, proportional (non-proportional) or graphical modules, coloured text distinguishing.
A display sample

Digital projection – projectors designed for long term 24 hours operation, 2 lamps with 6000 hours life of each.

LCD-TFT – different sizes from 17” to 50”, ordinary displays or touch, special TFT displays for outdoor application.

CRT (cathode ray tube) – sizes from 17” to 22”, suitable for personal information kiosks or public information monitor for waiting rooms or offices.

Controlling of peripheral devices is performed by software HAVIS developed in STARMON. This software cooperates with extensive text and voice announcement segments library where it takes these segments from and puts them together to relevant text and announcement sentences. An operator himself could freely modify these sentences according to actual traffic situation on his control terminal. HAVIS system could work in three modes: full-automatic mode, half-automatic and manual mode. Hardware system equipment provides controlling input to a station audio-frequency circuits, regressive reception of generated announcement on the operator’s table loudspeaker and connection of microphone for operator’s live broadcast

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