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A K-2002 system is a solid state interlocking (a signal box) designed for small and middle-sized stations. It can control up to 50 points.

Safety integrity level


Safety principles and system architecture

A safety relevant hardware of K-2002 was designed according to an european standard EN 50129, a safety relevant software according to EN 50128. A technical safety of K-2002 is based mostly on a redundancy 2 out of 2. With this architecture are designed all safety relevant computer circuits. All electronic circuits are backed up due to an ultimate system availability, which is at least 99,99%. An architecture of the whole system is therefore 2 times 2 out of 2.

Operation mode

A hot or a cold standby.

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Boxes with a safety relevant SSI technology Electronic cassettes A relay cassette A power supply from a 3kV DC traction - an outdoor part A power supply from a 3kV DC traction - an indoor part A view on a monitor of a control computer

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